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When renting out a commercial property, landlords or property managers risk having to deal with damage from tenants. We take care of commercial dilapidations in Sheffield and Rotherham to help commercial property owners and managers handle surveys and repairs.

A commercial dilapidations survey offers a thorough examination of your commercial building to document its condition. The survey reveals problems that may be present, from structural damage to standard wear and tear, so that repairs and corrective work may be carried out. Dilapidation might be the result of commercial lease dilapidations or they could be due to the building being neglected or abandoned.

When you have a dilapidated building, our commercial dilapidations services can include conducting a survey and making repairs to correct any problems that are identified.

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Commercial Dilapidations Survey

After conducting a commercial dilapidation survey, we will deliver a commercial dilapidations report. You can use this report to make decisions about what to do next, whether it might be carrying out work to repair highlighted issues or demolishing the building.

When dealing with the dilapidations commercial property often exhibits, the work required can be extensive. Your commercial dilapidations report will help you to understand what work might be necessary. If tenants have recently moved out of your property, a commercial lease dilapidations survey should be in order. Getting it done sooner means you can take care of any necessary work and have your building occupied again.

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